Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mason at His New School

Circle Time
Making Smores
Practicing Balance with Canes.

Mason got an amazing opportunity. The Conductive Learning Center was an amazing place. We wish we knew about it a long time ago. The school has taught us some many things in the short 4 weeks that we were there. Mason has more confidence and his self esteem has increased so much. He even learned to speak some hungarian. He can now use a walker for short periods of time. He doesn't have his own yet though it is on order. He was practicing using canes for walking as well. He has increased his balancing efforts too. He is even eating and speaking better. Everyone at CLC is amazing. And of course they loved his smile and sense of humor. He did have a hard time when I left him at first but he soon got used to everyone there. On the last day of school they had an ice cream social and played games. It was a great experience and we are going to send him for another 4 week course at the end of the year. We are now in the process of making our house "mason friendly" as we also learned the tools that Mason needs so he can continue on improving.
While we were in Grand Rapids Trenton and I did lots of mall walking. T was so well behaved. Yeah! We stayed at my friend Erin's moms house. Linda was so nice to accept the "homeless" people into her home. Trenton loved watching the cats run around and of course he got into anything he could. Great-Grandma lives there also and she is so funny. A simple Thanks can't even sum up how thankful we are for your kindness. Thanks again Linda and Grandma~!

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2 Months Old

2 Months Old
Still has some Crazy hair.

He is wishing I would stop take his picture!

Here's Moo Man

Here's Moo Man
Just some older pictures of our Mason Moo Moo. He is getting so big.