Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sitting like a champ!!

He is sitting just like a perfect little man. Woo Hoo. He can do it for the most part as long as he doesn't see those wonderfully appealing toes he has. One look at those bad boys and he wants to eat them so over he goes! Timber !!!! Just like working with daddy in the woods.


We had a some major winter action this week. We were all bundled up ready to face the snow!

6 Months Old

Trenton is so much fun. He is very active and tries to eat everything. He wants a tooth so bad but doesn't have any ready to appear. He is doing great. He is in the 30% for his weight and height. He was 15 1/2 lbs at his 6 month appointment and was 26 inches tall. Still has some crazy hair. Smiles all the time and has a deep belly laugh when he is being tickled. He loves watching Mason play.

Taking down the laundry...

Looks a lot like Mason when you can't see his hair.

Peek-A-Boo I can see you!!!

Sneaking a ride on Mason's bike. Shhhhh.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Fun Fun Fun

Just some pictures I thought I would add!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is Mr. I can sit like a big boy!!!!

Mason is checking for teeth.

Kiss Kiss

And finally some relaxing time as T sticks out his tongue.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas in Traverse City

Laying in Na Na and Va Va's bed. Too comfy

Help me Va Va it is so big................WOW I love my lego table!!!!!!!!!!!! T can sit here.

Shhh, I just put cookie in Va Va's hair.

Hungry again TT

Well, Na Na and Va Va Miller moved to a house in Traverse City. We went and had our belated Chrismas with them over the weekend and GG was there too. Lots of spoiling going 'round. Trent didn't really care about opening presents. Seemed as though everytime we were going to open gifts he was hungry so he was eating.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

....Our Christmas Morning...

Wow. Sure looks like some Miller boys were on the "nice" list this year.

...Well, Santa came to visit Mason and Trenton. Mason was so excited. Joe and I were so tired, you see Santa had to come the night of the 25th. He had to be in the parade at Disney World so he wasn't able to come until he took a nap after that parade. This was because daddy had to spend the night in the hospital recovering from surgery on Christmas Eve. Well, Mason has been having some episodes of low blood sugar lately and they usually happen in the middle of the night and they cause him to have seizures. Well as you can guess we have been having a busy medical week as it was so of course lets add a seizure to the mix. At 5 am on Wednesday I awoke to Mason having a seizure. Anything over 5 minuted requires a drive out to the er. So I packed him up and off we went. Joe stayed home with T as he wouldn;t have been any help anyways. I was just hoping T wouldn't wake up because Joe was in no condition to care for him. So we (Mason and I) got home from the er around 7:30 and wouldn't you know it, Santa had come the night before and Mason remembered he was coming. So daddy had to hobble on out of bed and so did T. We were very tired but it was so much fun watching all of the excitement on Mason's face.

Crazy Christmas......

Ok, So Christmas this year was crazy and we had to spread it out over a week. That was kind of nice because Mason and Trent didn't get over-whelmed. As many of you know Joe got into a little incident with a deer hitting him and knocking him out while he was on his snowmobile. Well, that happened on the 15th of December and well he is still pretty much out for the count now. He ended up having emergency surgery on the afternoon of the 24th. Yes Trenton's first Christmas and we hang out in a hospital. Well, ya know Mason's 1st Christmas was in a hospital as well. Anyways, Joe was able to come home on Christmas Day so the Gorch clan came over that night and we had a small gift exchange. Mason loves having ya ya and ba va ice over.

HO HO HO!!!!!!!!!! HI SANTA

Yes, I was very nice of course. Just ask my mom.

So these aren't the best shots with Santa but it's all I have.

2 Months Old

2 Months Old
Still has some Crazy hair.

He is wishing I would stop take his picture!

Here's Moo Man

Here's Moo Man
Just some older pictures of our Mason Moo Moo. He is getting so big.