Friday, October 31, 2008

All tricked and treated out!!

This is the result of a long night trick or treating!

Happy Halloween!!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trying to Cheese it Up!!! Of course T was eating. Imagine that!!!

Getting Halloweeeeeeeeeen Ready

Almost time for the "tricks and treats". We went to the 6th annual Pet Parade. I took a few pictures My favorite was the dog that was dress liked grapes an dof course I forgot to take a picture of that one as they went by, anyways here is a few of the pictures. The "M&M's are our friends the Schmidts.

1 little monkey

This is how I found our little t the other day. For some reason he thinks that he is part monkey. I guess he gets that from the Miller side. :) Anyways he was standing on top of the climber yelling at me. But however by the time I found this camera he was climbing over the side to get down the other way. Guess it was easier than actually going down the slide.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

....and still more dirty laundry

.. .....look at this basket full of the stinkiest, dirty laundry ever...hope it comes clean in the wash...

Yard Work

Here the boys are outside cleaning up the millions of acorns that seem to love to hang out in our driveway. We don't have any leaves to clean up yet but I know the boys will love helping do that also. Grandpa even came over with the leaf blower to help. T's favorite part was pretty much just being outside. He loves running around. Mason always has to be right up front with action.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My 3 boys

Just some pictures I would like to share.

Where oh where oh where is TRENTON??

This is T's new hiding place. He loves to run here when he is in trouble also. Little stinker. And of course Mason just laughs at him.

Shhhh... Don't tell Mason!!!!!!!!!!

We had a nice day a few weeks ago and Mason went with daddy so T and I had some alone time. Here are some pictures from our fun time outside. It was so funny when he just got on Mason's tractor and started cruising. He is not so good with steering so I just turned the wheel slightly and around he went in circles.

2 Months Old

2 Months Old
Still has some Crazy hair.

He is wishing I would stop take his picture!

Here's Moo Man

Here's Moo Man
Just some older pictures of our Mason Moo Moo. He is getting so big.