Thursday, February 14, 2008

7 Months Old!!!!

Today T is 7 months old already. Over half

way to the big number "1". He is starting to talk. Too bad he has said "da da" a few times. He always says "Hi". He is so ticklish and his best friends are still his toes. He will sit and play with toys for long periods of time. No more falling over. No teeth yet, though they better hurry up cause he is always looking for one. He is very nosey too and is a great eater. Mason likes to take his toys away from him and he gets after him about it too.


kathy said...

Happy 7 months sweetheart!

Erin said...

Hey there big guy! Happy birthday to you, and Happy Valentine's Day, too! Love, Ava

2 Months Old

2 Months Old
Still has some Crazy hair.

He is wishing I would stop take his picture!

Here's Moo Man

Here's Moo Man
Just some older pictures of our Mason Moo Moo. He is getting so big.